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Where to find me
Stand Out Hair Couture provides private and high-end hair services from the best co-working studios in London and  worldwide.
Let's connect! 


Hunter collective is one of my hair homes in London.

It is a unique co-working hair salon designed for top beauty freelancers in a spacious high-end warehouse conversion located in central London. 

Embrace the one-to-one experience in a vibrant, comfy, and bright space. Expect to be warmly welcomed and enjoy bubbles, wine, and more. 


Welcome to Koop Studio, one of my hair homes in London.

Koop studio is a brand new co-working space located in Battersea SW8.


The studio embraces a minimalist ideal, free from clutter and unnecessary objects.

Enjoy the one-to-one experience in an intimate and blissful spac

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Hunter Collective

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Koop Studio


The brands I use 

I have been working with Davines for over 7 years. Sustainable and ethical, I really believe in this brand, through their natural lines of products Davines helps me provide outstanding results that my clients love.


"Being the best for the world, creators of good life for all,

through beauty, ethics and sustainability"


For the past 7 years, Olaplex I've been using the first bond rebuilder on the market , however I decided to switch to Brazilian Bond Builder because the result is immediate and the way BBB conditions the hair is truly unreal!

"The result is a dramatic reduction in breakage during colour services for hair that is noticeably healthier and more resilient, and colour that is more vibrant and longer-lasting""


What I do

I have been a colour expert for over 16 years, Balayage and colours are my speciality.  


Gorgeous hair does not happen over night,it comes down to commitment and a trusted journey we both need to be part of.


Let's start this journey together.

Your hair is an integrated part of your look and what you're communicating to people. Impeccable hair is impressive because it shows commitment and consistency. Good hair helps you to build confidence; stunning hair will make you stand out. 

After a deep consultation and a nice chat, I will advise and guide you through your options, we will build up a sustainable plan to make your hair beautiful not only everyday but all day. 



 I take on all challenges never compromising on the hair integrity. #healthyhairgoal 

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